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I am using jackson 2.2 annotation @JsonProperty with required set to true. While deserializing json file which doesn't contain that property via ObjectMapper readValue() method no exception is being thrown. Is it supposed to work in a different way or did I missed something?

My dto class:

public class User {
public enum Gender {MALE, FEMALE}


public static class Name {
    private String _first, _last;

    public String getFirst() {
        return _first;

    public String getLast() {
        return _last;

    public void setFirst(String s) {
        _first = s;

    public void setLast(String s) {
        _last = s;

private Gender _gender;
private Name _name;
private boolean _isVerified;
private byte[] _userImage;

@JsonProperty(value ="NAAME",required = true)
public Name getName() {
    return _name;

public boolean isVerified() {
    return _isVerified;

public Gender getGender() {
    return _gender;
public byte[] getUserImage() {
    return _userImage;

@JsonProperty(value ="NAAME",required = true)
public void setName(Name n) {
    _name = n;
public void setVerified(boolean b) {
    _isVerified = b;
public void setGender(Gender g) {
    _gender = g;
public void setUserImage(byte[] b) {
    _userImage = b;


This is how do I deserialize the class:

public class Serializer {
private ObjectMapper mapper;

public Serializer() {
    mapper = new ObjectMapper();
    SimpleModule sm = new SimpleModule("PIF deserialization");

public void writeUser(File filename, User user) throws IOException {
    mapper.writeValue(filename, user);

public User readUser(File filename) throws IOException {
      return mapper.readValue(filename, User.class);


This is how it is actually called:

    Serializer serializer = new Serializer();
    User result = serializer.readUser(new File("user.json"));

Actuall json looks like:


I would expect that since _name is not specified in json file and is required that the exception will be thrown.

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As per Jackson annotations javadocs: "Note that as of 2.0, this property is NOT used by BeanDeserializer: support is expected to be added for a later minor version."

That is: no validation is performed using this settings. It is only (currently) used for generating JSON Schema, or by custom code.

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What is the best way to generate a schema v.4 for validation purposes from that? –  jaksky Aug 20 '13 at 12:23
ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper(); JsonSchema schema = mapper.generateJsonSchema(User.class); When I generate the schema this way it claims during the validation invalid schema –  jaksky Aug 20 '13 at 12:29
You may want to ask a separate question on that. With Jackson, you would use external module (github.com/FasterXML/jackson-module-jsonSchema). But there are other JSON Schema generators; I don't use JSON Schema myself for anything so I can't comment on which one is best. –  StaxMan Aug 20 '13 at 17:40

Use Required = Required.Alway enum

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