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I'm testing this page:

I can't find the revision id and when i try put something like i think is the revision id, an error is displayed saying: "message": "Revision not found: "

How i can find the revision id of the file (i'm trying for Spreadsheet)?

Later i'll try to use (in java):

RevisionList revisions = service.revisions().list(fileId).execute();
return revisions.getItems();

But for now i need to do manually.

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It works fine. You need some correct file id and revision id.

For eg -

File Id = 0Vs336aBx5r3MdHJz1TZaCi1kb0JsOExoSHJDMWFZVUE
Revision Id = 13723331213000

Steps -

  1. Get a valid File Id from here. In try it out - maxResults = 5
    From the json reply select any file id.

  2. Get all the revisions for this file -
    Try it out - fieldId = enter the File Id copied from above step.
    From the json reply select any revision id

  3. Now use the File Id and Revision Id here -

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That's help me. Thanks man. – Pablo Reyes Aug 25 '13 at 5:32

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