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I'm writing a module which writes an LDIF file,

I've a stereotype called 'User' defined by a metaclasse that have many attributs (username, password, role,..)

The problem is that I cannot access those attributs from within the module..

How should I do!

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Use the getValue operation. In the example below the elem has a stereotype 'EnumLiteralCodeValue' of the profile 'clbProfile' attached which has a property of type 'value'

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it works, thanks ;) – lx0741 Sep 9 '13 at 14:12

In your acceleo script, you can get the stereotypes using getAppliedStereotypes :

Example (t is an UML Type in my script) :

[template public myrule (t : Type)]
[if t.getApplicableStereotypes() <> null/]
// blabla
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