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I have a html mail form and I was just wondering why I get the coordinates of the submit image button in the body of the message in firefox, is there a way to delete that.


 <form method="post" action="mailto:miles@faithinstyle.co.uk?subject=Password Request enctype="text/plain">
            <input type="image" id="email_button" src="images/buttons/here.png">
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You can do something like this:

<a href="mailto:miles@faithinstyle.co.uk?subject=Password Request">
    <img id="email_button" src="images/buttons/here.png" />
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thanks,just what I needed –  amir Dec 2 '09 at 11:29

either don't use input type=image or just ignore the data. what problem are you trying to solve?

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It's not a problem,I was just wondering if there was a way to get rid of it. –  amir Dec 2 '09 at 11:16
an a element is certainly a wrong (and laborous) way to submit form. –  just somebody Dec 2 '09 at 12:00
Dear somebody, a you sure that form is really needed in this case? :) –  silent Dec 2 '09 at 14:50
no, i was just assuming that the method was POST for a reason –  just somebody Dec 2 '09 at 15:30
it is just author mistake to choose a form with post method, though –  silent Dec 3 '09 at 9:32

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