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I know that there are different solutions with different libraries posted. But, could anyone help me with this one?

I've busting my head for the past couple of days, and I really don't know what to do. I already tried importing the modules in all the suggested ways from different posts. (Project Structure --> Dependencies --> Add dependencies), etc. My project does not show any errors, but when I run it, it throws me a compilation error that complains about some classes missing. The library only depends on the ViewPagerIndicator's library which I also imported.

here is a picture. Thanks!!!

enter image description here

NOTE:I also have tried it with Eclipse, but the problem is different there. The app crashes when I run it. When I uncheck isLibrary from Properties -> Android and erase those libraries, the app works.

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Inspired by this answer, these are the steps I did:

Put the jar file (in my case, 'xxx.jar') into the libs folder of your project Right click it and select Add as library Type this in the dependencies part of build.gradle file: compile files('libs/xxx.jar') Do a clean build. It can be done inside the android studio, but I also ran the gradlew.bat included inside the project folder Now, the project should be built and run just fine.

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You are referencing the library wrong. You need to add the dependency in the build.gradle file. I recommend you to read the documentation first. It's a long read, but totally worth it.

I noticed that a user uploaded the library as .aar file in his maven repo. You might want to use the library from his repo. The setup is very easy (you only need to include the dependency of the better picker library).

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Thanks, I tried changing build.gradle, but it isn't working yet. I tried also cleaning/building the project again. What am I doing wrong? –  Luis Lavieri Aug 19 '13 at 20:57
I don't know ;-) Try to create a new fresh project and then add the dependency like described on the Github page. –  vRallev Aug 19 '13 at 21:02
-1 for captain "Read the documentation" –  ed209 Mar 25 at 14:49
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