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In my rails app I want the use to be able to hide anything on their wall by doing an ajax request and adding the item id to the database.

Here is the request I want to imitate the following:

Started POST "/report_fixed_vulns" for at 2013-08-19 21:28:45 +0100
Processing by ReportFixedVulnsController#create as HTML
  Parameters: {"utf8"=>"✓", "authenticity_token"=>"xxx", "report_fixed_vuln"=>{"report_id"=>"2", "vuln_id"=>"2", "user_id"=>"2"}, "commit"=>"Create Report fixed vuln"}

I tried using the following code to do this.

<%= button_to 'Submit', report_fixed_vuln_path(:report_fixed_vuln => {:report_id => @report_id, :vuln_id =>, :user_id =>}), :remote => true, :method => :put %>

However this generates a different request:

Started PUT "/report_fixed_vulns/323?report_fixed_vuln%5Breport_id%5D=323&report_fixed_vuln%5Buser_id%5D=1&report_fixed_vuln%5Bvuln_id%5D=443" for at 2013-08-19 21:32:51 +0100
Processing by ReportFixedVulnsController#update as JS
  Parameters: {"authenticity_token"=>"xxx", "report_fixed_vuln"=>{"report_id"=>"323", "user_id"=>"1", "vuln_id"=>"443"}, "id"=>"323"}

Here is my question: How to I imitate the first request using button_to (the parameters don't need to be entered -- they're already there on the page)

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The method: :put for this Path will trigger the update action, whereas method: :post will call the create action of the Controller. What do you want to do with this Submit button_to? Do you want a button to create quickly a record with default parameters? – MrYoshiji Aug 19 '13 at 20:39
yes I want it to create a record with default parameters – Kush Aug 19 '13 at 20:40
when i tried 'method: :post' it gives me ActionController::RoutingError (No route matches [POST] "/report_fixed_vulns/323"): Not sure what to do – Kush Aug 19 '13 at 20:41
Without the new: button_to 'Submit', report_fixed_vulns_path(:report_fixed_vuln => {:report_id => @report_id, :vuln_id =>, :user_id =>}), :remote => true, :method => :post (see the plural on report_fixed_vulns_path) – MrYoshiji Aug 19 '13 at 20:50
I updated my answer with a way to hide the button once it has been clicked ;) – MrYoshiji Aug 19 '13 at 20:57
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You should refer to this routing guide:

It says the helper for the create method is:

POST    /admin/posts    create  admin_posts_path

So you should use the helper report_fixed_vulns_path (note the plural) with the same arguments but with method: :post (PUT is for update), in your case:

<%= button_to 'Submit', report_fixed_vulns_path(:blabla => hash), :remote => true, :method => :post %>

If you want to hide the button right after you clicked on it, you can add an onclick event: (jQuery)

<%= button_to 'Submit', report_fixed_vulns_path(:blabla => hash), :remote => true, :method => :post, :onclick => '$(this).hide();' %>
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