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I'm trying to build a sinatra ruby app. I am having trouble with an undefined method error. I keep trying to utilize method_missing but I'm afraid I keep messing up the syntax. Could I write an if else statement specifying what to do if @x returns nil? I'm kinda of new and could use some help. Thanks!

my rb file

        get '/' do
  @x = params[:Body]
  session[:a] = (params[:Body].partition(' ').last.to_f / 2.2) * 0.58 if @x.include?("weight")
  session[:b] = params[:Body].partition(' ').last.to_f * 0.9672 if @x.include?("drinks")
  session[:c] = params[:Body].partition(' ').last.to_f * 0.015 if @x.include?("time")
  session[:d] = params[:Body].partition(' ').last if @x.include?("tweet")
  bac = round_to_precision(session[:b]/session[:a]-session[:c],3)
  timeleft = 40*(bac-0.08)/0.01
  hoursleft = (timeleft / 60).floor
  minutesleft = (timeleft - (hoursleft.floor * 60)).floor

  subliml = do |r|
    if bac >= 0.08
      r.Sms "Your BAC of #{bac} is over the federal limit of 0.08.  It will be #{hoursleft} hours and #{minutesleft} minutes until you are under the limit. Text tweet to anonymously exclaim your inebriation!"
    elsif bac.between?(0,0.08)
      r.Sms "Your BAC of #{bac} is under the limit"
    elsif bac.between?(-0.5,0)
      r.Sms "Have another beer"

  twiml = do |r|
      r.Sms "Hey there! Welcome to the BAC app! Please text weight followed by well your weight"
  himl = do |r|
    r.Sms "Cool, now text drinks followed by how many drinks you've had"
  timl = do |r|
    r.Sms "Almost there!!! Text time followed by how long have you been drinking"
  swiml = do |r|
      r.Sms "Hmm, try something else"
    if @x.include?("drunk") then
    elsif @x.include?("weight")
    elsif @x.include?("drinks")
    elsif @x.include?("time")
    elsif @x.include?("tweet")
        "status" => session[:d])
      request.oauth! http, consumer_key, access_token
      response = http.request request
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Of course you could. – Dave Newton Aug 19 '13 at 21:26

It looks like you're only calling include? on @x. So in some instances, it clearly must be nil. If it's always doing this, you're just getting the wrong parameter.

You can check this:

if @x.nil?
  # do something smart, maybe redirect to a different page
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That worked for me. Awesome! – user2697695 Aug 19 '13 at 23:15

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