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Apartment is being implemented into a large project that uses Datagrid. Apartment is configured to switch Postgresql schemas (tenants) on a per subdomain basis. The problem is that the Filters, which should reference their tenant specific schema, pull data out of the public schema.

Is there a way to get datagrid filters to look at the correct schema in postgresql?

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I opened an issue on the Datagrid github account and got an answer from bogdan:

"Seems, you need to wrap select with proc like this:

:select => proc {  User.order(:last_name).all.map{ |u| [u.full_name, u.id] }

In this way datagrid will query select options every time filter is rendered. :select without proc can only be used when options are constant."


Hard to say why it worked locally without the proc, but this is the answer.

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