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I have the following code

ArrayList<Integer> Analysis = new ArrayList<>();
ArrayList<Integer> designInitialBuild = new ArrayList<>();
ArrayList<Integer> Production = new ArrayList<>();
ArrayList<Integer> Strategy = new ArrayList<>();
ArrayList<Integer> Testing = new ArrayList<>();
System.out.println("jTableLength: " + jTable1.getRowCount());
for(int xn=0;xn==jTable1.getRowCount();xn++){
   System.out.println(jTable1.getModel().getValueAt(xn, 3).toString());
   switch(jTable1.getModel().getValueAt(xn, 3).toString()){      
      case "Analysis":
      case "Design & Initial Build":
      case "Production":
      case "Strategy":
      case "Testing":
          System.out.println("I am Broken");

When I debug the code it shows that the variable xn has a value of -8, it never goes into the for loop and does the first "println" Before the loop where I did System.out.println("jTableLength: " + jTable1.getRowCount()); it displays 48..... i'm so very confused.

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The condition on your for loop is wrong. The for loop will only execute while the condition is true. Try less than:

for(int xn=0;xn < jTable1.getRowCount();xn++){

This way, the loop will keep executing if xn is less than the row count, and it will stop then xn reaches the row count.

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Ok I feel like a complete idiot, for some odd reason I thought the for loop was going to run until the condition is true... thanx for the quick response –  user2698080 Aug 19 '13 at 23:36
Be sure to accept rgettman's answer to close this question @user2698080 –  William Morrison Aug 19 '13 at 23:41
I can in 3 mins –  user2698080 Aug 19 '13 at 23:42

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