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I'm attempting to desaturate an image. I'm currently loading it, parsing the image data, but I can't get it to write back to the canvas.

I've followed all of the directions to do


I do this, but the image data doesn't change. "ctx" is the context of the image that is previously loaded that is being turned greyscale.

	greyscale: function grayscale(ctx){

		var id = ctx.getImageData(0,0, ctx.canvas.width, ctx.canvas.height);

		for(var i=0; i<id.height; i++){
			for(var e=0; i<id.width; i++){

				var index = (e*4)*id.width+(i*4);

				var avg = ([index] +[index+1] +[index+2]) / 3[index] = avg;[index+1] = avg;[index+2] = avg;


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Your inner loop is comparing and incrementing i instead of e.

You also have e and i switched when you calculate the index. It should be (with the 4 factored out):

var index = 4 * (i*id.width + e);
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Maybe not the answer you seek, but have you looked at flot.js? Nice charting features and the source code is available for perusal.

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the problem is here :

for(var e=0; i<id.width; i++){

your "e" is not rise up

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