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I am using quartz scheduler ,it's working fine. I have following cron job:


            <description>Run a Job Every Minute</description>

                <!-- It will run every 1 minute -->
                <cron-expression>0 0/1 * * * ?</cron-expression>

Now, I have fired the job every one minute starting from now.(Correct me if I am wrong.). Well, Now I want to show all jobs in quartz scheduler and my code is:

public SchedulerViewer() throws SchedulerException {
        ServletContext servletContext = (ServletContext) FacesContext

        //Get QuartzInitializerListener 
        StdSchedulerFactory stdSchedulerFactory = (StdSchedulerFactory) servletContext.getAttribute(QuartzInitializerListener.QUARTZ_FACTORY_KEY);

        scheduler = stdSchedulerFactory.getScheduler();

        // loop jobs by group
        for (String groupName : scheduler.getJobGroupNames()) {

            // get jobkey
            for (JobKey jobKey : scheduler.getJobKeys(GroupMatcher.jobGroupEquals(groupName))) {

                String jobName = jobKey.getName();
                String jobGroup = jobKey.getGroup();

                // get job's trigger
                List<Trigger> triggers = (List<Trigger>) scheduler.getTriggersOfJob(jobKey);

                Date date = triggers.get(0).getNextFireTime();
                //converting to joda time
                DateTime dateTime = date == null ? null : new DateTime(triggers.get(0).getNextFireTime());
                DateTimeZone tz = DateTimeZone.forID("Asia/Kathmandu");
                quartzJobList.add(new QuartzJob(jobName, jobGroup, dateTime.withZone(DateTimeZone.forID("Asia/Kathmandu")).toDate()));


Well, this works too but when I view it in web page I see wrong or different next fire time. I tried it with joda time to convert to my local time. What have I missed?


I get correct time printed in console though:INFO: The date2013-08-20T07:10:00.000+05:45


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Okay here is what I did finally. I converted the datetime to string format and the used it in JFS view.

DateTime dateTime = date == null ? null : new DateTime(triggers.get(0).getNextFireTime());

                if (dateTime != null) {
                    quartzJobList.add(new QuartzJob(jobName, jobGroup, dateTime.toString("MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss")));
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