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As we know, if we have a UsersController, when we get /users it default to /users/index. If I want to map /users to /users/show, what can I do? (This can apply to any other controllers, not just users.)

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You can modified the file Global.asax. There is a method named 'RegisterRoutes',change the 'Index' in 'action=Index' to 'show'

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The only difference between URLs for the index action and the show action is the show action requires the identity of the resource. The default Rails URL for index on the users resource is /users, and the default show URL looks like /users/12, where the 12 identifies the resource. This identification part isn't optional, so you can't usefully map /users to the show action in a RESTful scheme.

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For example if you want to have a profile page at localhost:3000/username you can add match '/:id' => 'users#show', :as => :user to routes.rb and <%= link_to "Profile", @user %> to your view. With a little fiddling in the controller to grab your profile info via the current user's username, this will link to localhost:3000/username.

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