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I use Google Interactive post to let the logged in user invite external users to the site. I would like to register the invite on my site only once the user has chosen to post to one of his connections on google plus.

Is there a way to handle to the post event and know whether the user has posted or not and invoke a handler accordingly?

Here's how I call it today.

var options = {
    contenturl: myurl,
    clientid: googleappid,
    cookiepolicy: "single_host_origin",
    prefilltext: text,
    calltoactionlabel: "START",
    calltoactionurl: somethingstring,
    recipients: connectionid,
    onClick: doSomethingOnClick(),
gapi.interactivepost.render('submit', options);

Just like the onClick is there some event like onPost that is supported?

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