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I'm working in a lab where they typically deploy apps to Geronimo. I have an existing stand-alone server based app written in Java. Can any Java application be hosted in Geronimo? If so, is there a good reference to take an existing app and host it in Geronimo? Is there a benefit to hosting something in Geronimo or are there times when something is best left as a stand-alone app?

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When you work on an Application Server, there is specific way a program should be written for it to be qualified for deployment on app server. A program can be a Servlet, EJB, JSP etc. If your existing stand-alone server based app is any of these, then it can surely be deployed on Geronimo.

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With some classpath exceptions!!!1 Jokes aside generally speaking Santosh is right but you might find some deployment issues. –  Namphibian Aug 20 '13 at 3:41

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