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I have the following code to find files to send, rename, and compress. Just that by: do not enter the for loop because it finds a single file and exit. The idea is to find all and popularity.

@echo on
set anio=%date:~6,4%
set mes=%date:~3,2%
set dia=%date:~0,2%
set /a c=0
::Look for all files with the extensions specified
for /R C:\Users\usuario\Pictures\fotos %%a in (*.png,*.jpg,*pdf) do (
set "fname=%%~Na"
set "extension=%%~Xa"
set "pt=%%~pa"
set "unidad=%%~da"
set myvar=!fname!
set #=!myvar!
set length=0
if "!#!"=="" goto next (
    set #=%#:~1%
    set /A length += 1
    goto loop
set /A len=!length!-16
set  "nombre=!myvar:~4,%len%!"
copy !unidad!!pt!!fname!!extension! C:\\files_man\\!nombre!_%dia%%mes%%anio%!extension!
set /a c=c+1
::compress files and create rar
if exist "%programfiles%\winrar\rar.exe" goto :rar
Del "C:\files_man\rar\*" /Q
"%programfiles%\winrar\rar.exe" a -ef -ed "C:\files_man\rar\%c%_%dia%%mes%%anio%.zip" "C:\files_man\"
Del "C:\files_man\*" /Q

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The goto breaks the loop.
You could solve this with a subroutine for strlen, as a CALL works inside a loop.