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i need to know about the process of API in detail. And also uses of the API in general.

Thanks in advance.

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1.process of API

An API is what allows you to interact with something. The Win32 API allows you to interact with Windows, for example. The Twitter API would allow you to interact with Twitter.

Ever used a library? That's an API. Ever used a standard library function? That's part of an API.

Calling std::swap(a,b) is an API function call, to the C++ standard library. Calling TwitterAuthenticate(id) is an API call, to some Twitter API I made up.

At its simplest, you create a set of GET/POST requests that anyone can call and publish the information on the URLs, parameters and effects. GET requests for read-only tasks and POST requests for anything that will change data on the server.

Add in a authentication system if needed and you have yourself a simple Web API.

A Web API is just an Interface to allow access to your system (such as site) via standard HTTP request methods. The data itself is usually wrapped in some standard format (such as JSON or XML) to make it easy to handle.

and kindly refer this link


2.use of API

Application programming interfaces, better known as APIs, let third-party developers utilize the power of web platforms like Facebook and Twitter to create amazing applications and features on top of them. By tapping into the Twitter streams, Facebook Likes, or YouTube playlists of millions of people, startups and independent developers are creating some incredibly innovative apps.

kindly refer this


To know more about API , the list of API , and to use those visit the following link


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