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Is there any way to create triggers on different databases? my requirement is like:-

 database: a1.db consist table: t1
 database:a2.db  consist table: t2

now i have to use trigger on t1 (whenever any delete and update operation) happens on t1 a value has to be inserted into t2.

waiting for your feedback...

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Can you do this on SQLite? Thanks – Alex Poke Apr 2 '14 at 9:05

I can only speak for MySQL, but you should be able to do something like:

INSERT INTO `a2.db`.t2 VALUES (...)
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What are the other databases you are using besides mysql? If Oracle is one of them, then you can create dblinks from Oracle to the other databases, and your trigger (running on Oracle) could use those dblinks to update the tables in the other databases.

You can refer to this link for info on creating dblinks in Oracle:

Here is a link specific for dblinks from Oracle to mysql:

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Looks like you need the MySQL equivalent of link servers (MSSQL) or dblink (Oracle). There is something called the FEDERATE storage engine:

Check here

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