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I have a stlnr and a stlal and I want to find all materials in a bill of material using these two fields. I have no idea how to do that, so please help :)

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the tables you need to look at are STKO (header), STAS (position selection) and STPO (positions). You need to know the type of BOM, which is in field STKO~STLTY. Using the type and your STLNR you can get the header row from table STKO. The STKO entry is connected to STAS using STLTY, STLNR and STLAL. Table STPO contains the actual BOM positions and is connected to STAS using STLTY, STLNR and STLKN (which is in STAS but not in STKO, which is why you need table STAS too).

You also may need to look at table STPU which is connected to STPO and contains subelements within a BOM position. In our system STPU is completly empty but that may not be the case in yours.

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You can call the FM CABM_READ_BOM_ITEM, you will need the following:

    i_stlty               = i_stlty
    i_stlnr               = i_stlnr
    i_stlal               = i_stlal
    i_date_from           = i_date_from
*   I_DATE_TO             = I_DATE_TO
*   I_WERKS               = I_WERKS
    exp_bom_item          = exp_bom_item
*   NO_RECORD_FOUND       = 1

Which means you will need STLTY, as it is part of the key of STKO.

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