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I have to use a http get request in my angular script where I have to send some variables to the server. My question is if the sending variable is changed somehow, then will the request call again automatically?, or do I have to call the request again??


updated: code in my controller:

$scope.startDate = "";

$http.get('/Controller/Action', {startDate: $scope.startDate}).success(data){ alert(data) }

if somehow the value of the startDate is changed will the http request be called again or I have to place it into a watch.

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The question is not clear. What you mean by the variable change here? –  BKM Aug 20 '13 at 7:26
What will happen depends on the code. The code matters. Without seeing the code, we can't explain what it will do. –  JB Nizet Aug 20 '13 at 7:43

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While the question is unclear, I believe what you are referring to is a $watch setup on a scope property. If you make a normal request, such as this:

$scope.myResource = 'path/to/resource'; //could be used use without $scope for this example
$http.get($scope.myResource) //etc

the call is just made once, because that's all it is told to do. If you want it to update when the path "myResource" changes, then do this:

$scope.$watch('myResource', function(newPath) { //watching $scope.myResource for changes
  $http.get(newPath) //etc

Now, when the value of $scope.myResource changes, the $http call will be again, this time requesting the new path.

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