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I'm wondering if anyone has ever looked into the idea of "warming up" their dynos and unicorn workers after a deploy/config change etc...

I have an app on heroku and i'm using preboot to help keep the site responsive during deploys but the first requests to each unicorn worker are always a bit slower then subsequent ones.

I was thinking you could run something on after_fork in unicorn config to send a request to the new worker. But not sure exactly how to do it and it would be great if someone who has already solved this could share!

Thanks! Duncan

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In case anyone is looking into this. The solution I came up with is to add:

ActionController::Integration::Session.new(::Rails.application).get '/'

to after_fork in unicorn.rb

As far as I understand it this will construct a local rack call to the root path which should warm up anything just like the first real request would.

I have not done extensive testing of this solution yet but will comment if I run into problems.

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