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I'm using Bootstrap datepicker and I'd like to make that when datepicker shows, default date would be set after 14 days from today. I've got this code but it doesn't work, default date is still set to today. Could anyone explain what am I missing? Thanks in advance.


  var plus14days = new Date();

  plus14days.setDate(plus14days.getDate() + 14 );
  $(".datepicker").datepicker("setValue", plus14days);
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Are you calling it within $(document).ready()? – haim770 Aug 20 '13 at 8:14

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The code you've used is right.

The date will be displayed in textbox, but not in datepicker calendar like this

enter image description here

To enable this feature you need to update it using the following code:


Now it looks like

enter image description here

Check this in JSFiddle

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This solution doesnt work for me anymore. Any ideas why? – Entity Black Oct 8 at 9:03
@EntityBlack not sure. the JSFiddle in my answer works fine. I've checked their update and they haven't changed any. You must have other issues in your code. – Praveen Oct 8 at 9:12
I think I might isolate the issue. The problem is only if I dont modify the date .datepicker('update', new Date()); – Entity Black Oct 8 at 9:17

Just a consideration, api changed setValue to setDate (

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