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I have worked out how to fire up a vagrant box and apt-get install packages

I now want to git clone a node.js repo from github before running npm install and running the app with node app.js

I expected to be able to achieve this by issuing BASH commands, but I see now that puppet requires this to be done in a puppety way. The results from Google on this issue are confusing and inconsistent.

So- how do you tell Puppet to git clone a node.js package from github and then install it with npm install?

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You can use the puppet-nodejs module to manage npm packages. Take a look at

Otherwise, this article should explain how to clone a git repo.

More info can be found at

Once installed you should be able to do something like:

vcsrepo { "/path/to/repo":
  ensure => present,
  provider => git,
  source => 'git://',
  revision => 'master'
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