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I have an Ant build that has this line in it:

WORKSPACE.dir = ${basedir}/../

I then have:


which means that I end up with paths like this:


This works fine in almost all cases but I am trying to build a list of classes to be used in a build. At the moment I have this code:

	pathsep=" " 
	<map from="C:\dev\workspaces\RTC\UUI_Core\src\" to="" />
			<globmapper from="*.mxml" to="*"/>
			<globmapper from="*.as" to="*"/>

Which does the job of removing the file location and jsut leaving the package structure. It is not very flexible though. I should be able to use CORE_PROJECT.dir here.

So, how can I convert




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WORKSPACE.dir = ${basedir}/../

This is not a valid Ant syntax.

To convert .. you should use location attribute of the <property> task instead of value. location substitutes the attribute value with an absolute path. In your case:

<property name="WORKSPACE.dir" location="${basedir}/.."/>

EDIT: I should add, always use location attribute when setting path-like properties.

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