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I'm working on a WebDAV Application.. I can now connect to an ip, say, http://localhost:9005/MyWeb/ by creating a web folder. I could create and delete the web folder using C# code... I could traverse my web folder thoroughly... Is it possible for me to map this web folder to a new drive (using C#) so that I can access the contents from a drive in My Computer..? A software by name NetDrive is able to do it... Pls suggest on how I can achieve this...

Thanks, Ram

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Use the following code replacing the sharename with the location on your PC or server.


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Hi stalkerh, Thanks for your reply.. But the link you had specified contains information on mapping a shared folder as a drive... But my requirement is to map a web folder as a drive... any suggestions? –  Ram Dec 2 '09 at 15:51

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