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I have a Robolectric test case written as

public void setUp(){
    mActivity = new CalcActivity();
    ShadowActivity shadow = Robolectric.shadowOf(mActivity);

//more code 

But i'm getting a RuntimeException : Stub! at the very start of the setUp method.

java.lang.RuntimeException: Stub!
at android.content.Context.<init>(Context.java:4)
at android.content.ContextWrapper.<init>(ContextWrapper.java:5)
at android.view.ContextThemeWrapper.<init>(ContextThemeWrapper.java:5)
at android.app.Activity.<init>(Activity.java:6)
at com.example.advancedcalc.CalcActivity.<init>(CalcActivity.java:13)
at com.example.CalcActivityTest.setUp(CalcActivityTest.java:25)

CalcActivity implements an OnclickListener and it has a bunch of other methods that perform basic calculator operations inside.

Can anyone tell me why i'm getting java.lang.RuntimeException: Stub! and how to deal with it ?

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Have you added


as an annotation to your test class?

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The idiot that I am i just noticed it a few secs before i got your answer. Cant believe i made an entire question for something that dumb. Thanks for your help in any case :) –  Traxex1909 Aug 20 '13 at 9:24
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