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Can you suggest solutions for dynamic model loading with Backbone/Marionette like in case of infinite scroll?

My common code looks like:

Drivers = new AppList.DriverCollection
Drivers.url = $('#drivers-url').text()

Request goes to my django backend:

def ajax_get_drivers(request):
    drivers = Driver.objects.all()
    data = []
    for driver in drivers:
            'id': driver.pk,
            'name': driver.name,
            'phone': driver.phone
    response = json.dumps(data)
    return HttpResponse(response, mimetype="application/json")

How to break it on parts?

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1 Answer

Can you give more details for your question?

If you just want to make infinite scroll of loading models, I can show you a example. http://codeboard.org/#codes

You can find the loading model JS code in js/views/code/CodeListView.js, and the bind scroll event code in js/bootstrap.js, and php code in src/CodeBoard/Route/CodeRoute.php (On Github, you can review the source code).

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