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I want to read an array of integers from single line of input in python3. For example: Read this array to a variable/list

1 3 5 7 9

What I have tried

  1. arr = input.split(' ') But this does not convert them to integers. It creates array of strings

  2. arr = input.split(' ')

    for i,val in enumerate(arr): arr[i] = int(val)

2nd one is working for me. But I am looking for an elegant(Single line) solution.

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Use map:

arr = list(map(int, input.split()))

Just adding, in Python 2.x you don't need the to call list(), since map() already returns a list, but in Python 3.x "many processes that iterate over iterables return iterators themselves".

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Thanks..It works and is faster solution than 2nd one proposed by me. You know, I tried map(int, input.split(' ') but It was returning map not list. Your answer solved this one too. Thanks!! –  blunderboy Aug 20 '13 at 10:58

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