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I'm new to android and I need little help please. I want to pass data from an activity to a framelayout class, so I've implement a callback. On my activity I use an interface and setting the listener like this:

private OnCallStateListener onCallStateListener;

public interface OnCallStateListener{
            int Data = 1;

           void OnCallState(int wichAction)

public void setOnCallStateListener(OnCallStateListener listener){
    onCallStateListener = listener;


private void dispatchTriggerEvent(int whichHandle){
    if(onCallStateListener != null){

And I use it like:

    private onCallDisconnect(){

The dispatchTriggerEvent is executed but the problem is that the listener onCallStateListener is always null. what am I missing here? Thanks!

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It is null because you did not create an instance of the class. From what you have here you only have an interface. You would first need to create a class that implements that interface, and then say something like:

 OnCallStateListener myVar = new OnCallStateListenerImpl();
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Thanks for your response. the interface has been created inside the activity. i have already implement the interface on the framelayout class, where i get the listener to call. activity.setOnCallStateListener(this); I did the opposite, create the interface on framelayout class, implement the interface on activity and get the listener and it works! From activity does not work. its null. thanks again –  user2699406 Aug 20 '13 at 12:53
@user2699406 if my answer helped you please press the green check mark. Thanks. –  Pete Belford Aug 20 '13 at 12:56
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