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I really need help with organizing my projects.

As career has progressed, I've made not just apps but many little libraries for myself and other devs. All my projects (apps and libraries) are stored in git repos and I use Grunt to build (using grunt-contrib-watch to compile Coffeescript, Sass, etc).

As I work on new projects, I find myself making small commits to these libraries and I end up having 8,9,10 or more tabs open in iTerm 2, all running Grunt watch (which I have to start manually for each project). I also have to open even more tabs to make commits to each git repo.

Using my current tools (OSX and Sublime Text 3, etc) or any others you know of, how can I get this all under control so I don't need to have 14 tabs open in iTerm? How can I have a unified view of both the Grunt status and git status of all my projects? Is there GUI or at least command line app to do this?

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This grunt plugin looks like it'll fit your needs. grunt-hub - a grunt task to watch and run tasks on multiple grunt projects.

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