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What is the problem in this please?

select inst.id            
,      inst.type          as "TypeOfInstall"
,      count(inst.id)     as "NoOfInstall"
from   dm_bsl_ho.installment inst
group  by inst.type
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what is the error shown? and where? –  7alhashmi Aug 20 '13 at 10:40

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When you do a GROUP BY in most RDBMSs, your selection is limited to the following two things:

  • Columns mentioned in the GROUP BY - in your case, that's inst.type
  • Aggregate functions - for example, count(inst.id)

However, the inst.id at the top is neither one of these. You need to remove it for the statement to work:

       type       as "TypeOfInstall"
 ,     COUNT(id)  as "NoOfInstall"
 FROM  dm_bsl_ho.installment
 GROUP BY type
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You're not allowed to use single function with group function. Like mixing count with single row function.

You should include the group by function:

 select inst.type          as "TypeOfInstall"
 ,      count(inst.id)     as "NoOfInstall"
 from   dm_bsl_ho.installment inst
 GROUP BY inst.type;
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