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i am trying play different background sounds on distinct .lua files. any .lua works stand alone but when I navigate between them in program not works properly. at beginning of any .lua file:

local backgroundMusic = audio.loadStream("bg3.mp3")
local backgroundMusicChannel = audio.play( backgroundMusic, { channel=1, loops=-1, fadein=5000 }  ) 

and before go to other scene:

audio.pause( backgroundMusicChannel )

what I have to do !?

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Audio library uses 30 different channels to play streams. When you call play funciton, normally it looks for a free channel and assign new stream to that channel. But here you are pausing a channel which means, specified channel is still active. So basically you should remove channel = 1 from your arguments. You shouldn't use channel property at all. Or you should handle this channel assignments very carefully. Or also you can use audio.stop function which clears the channel.

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I don't the know problem exactly but try like this:




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It looks like you are storing a reference to your backgroundMusicChannel in a local variable. Have to made sure that backgroundMusicChannel is available in the section where you call audio.pause(backgroundMusicChannel)?

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I use this code for stop the audio in the clean function.

local sound = audio.isChannelPlaying( backgroundMusicChannel ) if sound then audio.stop(backgroundMusicChannel) audio.dispose(backgroundMusicChannel) end

You should use this in your clean function and when you navigate another scene you must call that clean function.

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