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I have just begun using jqGrid, and I want to delete rows using a custom delete button. I am using the code snippet below:

try {
        var cellValue;
        var id;
            datatype: "local",
            width: 900,
            height: 270,
            colNames: ['Action', 'Interview id', 'Date of observation', 'Name of enumerator'],
            onSelectRow: function (id) {
                var rowData = jQuery(this).getRowData(id);                   
                cellValue = rowData['InterviewId'];
            colModel: [                
                     name: 'actions', index: 'InterviewId', sortable: false,
                     formatter: function (rowId, cellval, colpos, rwdat, _act) {

                         return "<input type='button' id='btnid' value='delete' class='btn' onClick='deleteRecords(" + cellValue + ");' />";

                { name: 'InterviewId', index: 'InterviewId' },
                { name: 'Date', index: 'Date' },
                { name: 'NameOfEnum', index: 'NameOfEnum' }

            multiselect: false,
            caption: "Edit already entered data"
    catch (e) {

The above code uses this function call to pass the selected row value for deletion

function deleteRecords(rowData) {

Unfortunately the rowData value is undefined. How can I use the same structure to delete the rows?

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you can delete row using

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@Waaqas...the problem is that i cannot access the rowid of the row containing the delete button using the return button html code above...but inside the onSelectRow is workable. –  JoseLuke Aug 20 '13 at 12:01
also "delrowdata" doesn't call the back end. –  Erik Aronesty Feb 25 '14 at 16:52

The variable cellValue is not defined in the same scope as your delete formatter is. You could try two things:

  1. Pass the rowId argument from your formatter to the delete function instead of cellValue.
  2. Declare a variable outside of the scope of BOTH functions and then set that variable to the ID value of the selected row in your onSelectRow handler.
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@AJ...funny enough is that in the formatter only the colpos parameter has value the others including rowId have no values. then when i set the variable outside of both functions and set that variable to the ID value of the selected row in my onSElectRow handler that value(rowId) wont change even if i click on different deleted buttons but it will only change upon clicking outside the delete button in any row. I think the challenge is how to connect the buttons to the cells coz when i click on a button it the grid doesnt have any info that that button is in row 1 or 2 etc... –  JoseLuke Aug 21 '13 at 7:12
Then you have to declare a variable outside of your jquery ready call, set it to the rowId in onSelectRow, and then retrieve it in your delete handler. –  AJ. Aug 21 '13 at 18:28
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I found a solution to my own problem.

formatter: function (rowId, cellval, colpos, rwdat, _act) {
       var rowInterviewId = colpos.InterviewId.toString();
       return "<input type='button' id='" + rowInterviewId + "' value='delete' class='btn'
       onClick='deleteRecords(this)' />";    

i just pass this as a parameter to the button onclick event and on the function call this has all the properties i needed from the button but the most important one being the button id which is the interview ids of the row that the button belongs to.

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