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I am writing a printer driver and I am looking for a way to customize the system preferences for printing.

When I select a printer in the printer list I can click on "Options & Supplies". Then I select "General" and for certain printers (Samsung f.e.) I have an additional button "Open Printer's webpage". I wonder how they do that since I don't find any hint in the Samsung ppd files. Is there something I have overlooked?

When I select "Utility" instead I have three buttons: "Open Printer Utility", "Print Test Page" and "Clean Print Heads". When I alter

*cupsCommands: "ChangeInk Clean PrintSelfTestPage ReportLevels" in my ppd

by removing Clean or PrintSelfTestPage or by removing

*APPrinterUtilityPath: "/Library/Printers/Acme/PrinterUtility.app"

I can remove some of the buttons. But I would like to be able to add an additional button or a text field instead.

I know I can create a PDE but the PDE only alters the printing dialog, not the preference pane.

Or can a add my own tab to the tab view apart from "General", Supply Levels" and "Utility"?

Can someone point me to a concept how to accomplish my task?

BTW: I am using this Apple Sample Project as starting skeleton project. Any thoughts on that ?

Thank you very much for your help,

kind regards,


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Someone at Apple helped me by answering all of my questions:

Answer at Apple Lists

kind regards,


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