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I am trying to get a grip on the pivot query syntax.

I have about 20 fields worth of aggregate data all associated with 1 field, which is the category for those 20 fields (by fields I mean columns).

It looks like this

Category1        column1    column2    column3
Category2        column1    column2    column3

and so on...

What I am trying to do is pivot those results to come out like this

Category1    Category2    Category3

column1      column1      column1
column2      column2      column2
column3      column3      column3

My query looks like this

SELECT TOP(3) category FROM 
    SELECT category FROM table 
    AVG(column1) as column1, AVG(column2) as column2, AVG(column3) as column3) 
    FOR category IN category 
) AS pvt;

I am running SQL Server 2005. Thanks for any help or suggestions!

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PIVOT or is this a transpose? –  Adriaan Stander Dec 2 '09 at 15:43
I dont know i guess. :-) Ive never done a transpose –  a432511 Dec 2 '09 at 16:31

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I think you really want UNPIVOT.

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I ended up using a matrix in SSRS because I could never figure out the syntax of the PIVOT query.

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