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I have modified the example python script:

service = 'passwd'

if len(sys.argv) == 3:
    user = sys.argv[1]
    password = sys.argv[2]
    print 'error'

auth = PAM.pam()
if user != None:
    auth.set_item(PAM.PAM_USER, user)
auth.set_item(PAM.PAM_CONV, pam_conv)
except PAM.error, resp:
    print 'Go away! (%s)' % resp
    print 'Internal error'
    print 'Good to go!'

This works, but asks me to input the password. I would like instead to verify the password which is passed as a parameter (sys.argv[2]). Documentation is non-existant, so how should I do it?

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When I was finding solution for interactive password prompt, I only found this solution python expect lib

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The example first lines are missing. The provided 'pam_conv' function asks the password to the user. You must define your own function returning a constant password:

def pam_conv(auth, query_list, userData):
    return [(the_password,0)]
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Could you please elaborate? The password cannot be hard-coded... – michelemarcon Jan 24 '14 at 16:54

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