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I import races into Excel but it has grown to a large spreadsheet and has its limitations.

I have successfully imported a small test database of results.

So far I have the form in the database with the tables and relationships below but when I try to make a layout to view the form I get the horse name and 1 line of form, when I scroll down the same horse displays again with it's next run. I think it's because I have failed to fill the foreign keys in the horse_Race table, or got the relationships wrong.

I also want to add a Today's runners table but am not sure how to relate it to the existing tables Is it possible to achieve these aims in filemaker or am I barking up the wrong tree. I am at an Impasse but I'm sure it's to do with the relationships somewhere?

Tables as follows:

  • > -Course:-

    pk_Course_ID, Course,

  • Horse:-


  • Races:-


- ***Horse_Race;-


Relationships from primary key in each table to foreign keys in Horse_race table. My aims are as follows.

  1. To view EACH individual horse and its FORM in date order latest run at the top

AJCook (IRE)

DATE CRSE Going Furs Class Ran Pos Drw TBtn Wgt MARK GRD RATING

31-Jul-13 REDC GD 6 6 11 11 1 20.8 133 65 63 -1

08-Jul-13 RIPO GF 6 6 11 7 3 8.25 133 65 65 41

21-Jun-13 REDC GF 5 5 5 1 4 0.02 133 60 56 54

28-May-13 REDC GF 6 5 13 5 6 5.35 124 61 70 35

06-May-13 BEVE GF 5 5 12 8 13 6.15 125 65 73 40

  1. To add a todays runners table with races and runners from each of the days races that would loop through each horse and search the database to display the horses and their last 3 ratings latest on the right plus the TOP 9 RATINGS FROM THE LAST 3 RATINGS IN ORDER like so:- HORSE R1 R2 R3 HORSE RATE A J Cook (IRE) 54 41 -1 Abadejo 57 Aaranyow (IRE) 45 36 48 Abadejo 56 Aarti (IRE) 44 43 40 A J Cook (IRE) 54 Aazif (IRE) 46 43 23 Abadejo 54 Abadejo 56 54 57 Aaranyow (IRE) 48

How do I add the todays runners table which has the following data Date Time,Course,Furs,HorseNo Horse How will it be related to the tables I already have? Many thanks

Davey H

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FileMaker can easily do this. But I am a bit confused with your blocks of text up there, can you format them a little better so that I can see what tables hold which fields please?

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Thank you for your time but unfortunately despite everything being lined up correctly when I edit this post everything goes awry when I resave the post. Being a newbie I am unable to figure out why.Pity there is no option for attachments. – Dave Henney Sep 2 '13 at 20:22

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