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Is there any Perl module that have similar functionality to Docopt or is there a port being developed for it?

Docopt is a module that creates an interface for command line calls from parsing the usage and options messages.

You create the standard help message like

    Naval Fate.

      naval_fate ship new ...
      naval_fate ship  move   [--speed=]
      naval_fate ship shoot  
      naval_fate mine (set|remove)   [--moored|--drifting]
      naval_fate -h | --help
      naval_fate --version

      -h --help     Show this screen.
      --version     Show version.
      --speed=  Speed in knots [default: 10].
      --moored      Moored (anchored) mine.
      --drifting    Drifting mine.

and then the options handler is created for you instead of writing them again with Getopt::Long and also handle the commands parsing (I use App::Cmd for that).

Seems that it started in Python and now is implemented in many other languages.

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Docopt – marderh Aug 20 '13 at 14:07
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Perl has Docopt as pointed out in the comments by @marderh. In addition, there are other modules that provide similar functionality such as Getopt::Auto, Getopt::Euclid, Getopt::AsDocumented

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Thanks I have just seen that since two month ago there is a Perl implementation I did not googled for it because has not updated the last part of its page where the implementations are listed, and Perl is missing there, so I wrongly assume there was none. – Pablo Marin-Garcia Aug 20 '13 at 22:53

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