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I would like to detect how a subroutine is called so I can make it behave differently depending on each case:

# If it is equaled to a variable, do something:
$var = my_subroutine();

# But if it's not, do something else:

Is that possible?

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Use wantarray

if(not defined wantarray) {
    # void context: foo()
elsif(not wantarray) {
    # scalar context: $x = foo()
else {
    # list context: @x = foo()
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There is also p3rl.org/Want module, but for this case it might be overkill. –  Jakub Narębski Aug 27 '13 at 12:30
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Yes, what you're looking for is wantarray:

use strict;
use warnings;

sub foo{
  if(not defined wantarray){
    print "Called in void context!\n";
    print "Called and assigned to an array!\n";
    print "Called and assigned to a scalar!\n";

my @a = foo();
my $b = foo();

This code produces the following output:

Called and assigned to an array!
Called and assigned to a scalar!
Called in void context!
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