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I'm trying to write a customization in Lyris ListManager (10.2). The language is TCL, which I know very little about. We need to encode a value as base64 (or really, anything that obfuscates a querystring parameter), but I can't seem to figure out how. Is there a command native to TCL to do this?

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Following your problem to use the base64 package you can use these little procs to convert your data to hex and back. Requires Tcl > 8

proc BIN2HEX { text }   { binary scan $text H* result; return $result }
proc HEX2BIN { hex }    { return [binary format H* $hex] }
set hex [BIN2HEX $yourText]
set textAgain [HEX2BIN $hex]

If you really need base64 you can just copy/paste the entire base64 file from the tcllib distribution into your code (remove the "package provides" line)

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While the other answers are all good, this worked perfectly. I just had to copy/paste those methods, call them and I was done. Thanks... I wish Lyris support was as good as Stack Overflow – CaffGeek Dec 3 '09 at 15:37

The existence of seems to indicate that there're no native functions. You could copy the source and add it to your modifications.

% base64::encode "Hello, world"

% base64::encode [string repeat xyz 20]
% base64::encode -wrapchar "" [string repeat xyz 20]

# NOTE: base64 encodes BINARY strings.
% set chemical [encoding convertto utf-8 "C\u2088H\u2081\u2080N\u2084O\u2082"]
% set encoded [base64::encode $chemical]
% set caffeine [encoding convertfrom utf-8 [base64::decode $encoded]]
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So if I copy the base64.tcl file into that folder, is there a way to import it so I can make the call? – CaffGeek Dec 2 '09 at 18:01
You can run the command "source base64.tcl" to load the file into the current namespace. – Bryan Oakley Dec 2 '09 at 18:54
when I try to use source base64.tcl I get the following invalid command name "source" while executing "source "base64.tcl"" – CaffGeek Dec 2 '09 at 19:51
If it doesn't recognise the source command - - then it's not standard Tcl. You will have to consult Lyris's documentation to find how they have modified it. – Colin Macleod Dec 3 '09 at 8:24

If you have the ability to load Tcl libraries (packages/modules) into your environment, you can just use the Tcllib implementation. That's what Vinko Vrsalovic was showing the command from in his response.

% package require base64
% base64::encode bob
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If it would be good enough to just encode in hexadecimal, you can use the binary command as follows:

% set query "Hello, world"
Hello, world
% binary scan $query H* hexquery
% puts $hexquery
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