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I am using the apns library to send push notifications to my iPhone. While I'm successfully receiving push notifications to my device, the script asks for the Certificate password every time I run it to send a push notification. I'm trying to figure out a way to include the password somehow in the code but have been unsuccessful so far.

I'm running the example code from their repository:

from apns import APNs, Payload

apns = APNs(use_sandbox=True, cert_file='TestCert.pem', key_file='TestKey.pem')

# Send a notification
token_hex = '<token hidden for obvious reasons>'
payload = Payload(alert="Hello World!", sound="default", badge=1)
apns.gateway_server.send_notification(token_hex, payload)

I've also been checking the library source code but it doesn't seem to have any useful option.

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Since Python 3.3 there is a function that includes a password for a given certificate, unfortunately I'm using Python 2.7. Maybe the only possible solution is regenerating the certificate with an option to avoid requiring password? – Bernat Aug 20 '13 at 16:00
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I've finally found a decent solution on the answer to this question.

I've also found out that from Python 3.3 it's possible to use the password adding the method SSLContext.load_cert_chain(certfile, keyfile, password) in the function that opens the SSL connection.

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