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I am creating a Portable Class Library targeting .Net 4.5+, Silverlight 5+, and Windows 8+ Store Apps. This library includes Model objects that will be serialized and deserialized into files for transport between implementing applications. While Portable Class Libraries support DataContractAttribute and DataContractSerializer, they do not support IExtensibleDataObject - which is recommended for Forward-Compatible Data Contracts (MSDN article).

I am almost certain that the model objects will change over time. What can I do to keep serialization/deserialization with DataContractSerializer from failing at the least, but also prevent loss of information in a round-trip operation? Thanks for any advice!

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Considering using protobuf-net. It appears to work in Portable Class Libraries. Not a fan of having to number the members, but it does allow for change over time it seems. – Ethan Aug 22 '13 at 19:16

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