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I have a rally grid that shows defects. I want do add a column that shows the number of days a defect has been open.

I know can do that by adding a custom renderer in the column configs, but I would also like to sort on this column. Unfortunately, the renderer does not change the sorting of the column.

I think I might be able to use the convert() function on the store instead to create a new virtual column (in this case openAgeDays), but I'm not sure how to do this from the constructor--I presume I make some changes to storeConfig?

Does anyone have an example of how to use a convert function (assuming that this is the right way to do it) to add a new virtual, sortable column to a rally grid?

            this.grid = this.add({
                xtype: 'rallygrid',
                model: model,
                disableColumnMenus: false,
                storeConfig: [...]
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possible duplicate of Rally grid with custom column renderer sort – Tore Hanssen Aug 20 '13 at 19:33

As is the answer in the duplicate, you can add a doSort to the column:

       {dataIndex: 'Parent', name: 'Parent', 
            doSort: function(state) {
                var ds = this.up('grid').getStore();
                var field = this.getSortParam();
                    property: field,
                    direction: state,
                    sorterFn: function(v1, v2){
                        if (v1.raw.Parent) {
                            v1 = v1.raw.Parent.Name;
                        } else {
                            v1 =;

                        if (v2.raw.Parent) {
                            v2 = v2.raw.Parent.Name;
                        } else {
                            v2 =;

                        return v1.localeCompare(v2);
            renderer: function(value, meta, record) {
                var ret = record.raw.Parent;
                if (ret) {
                    return ret.Name;
                } else {
                    meta.tdCls = 'invisible';
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