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I want to start using phpDocumentor but I'm finding it hard going - the web interface is not playing nicely and I can't get it to parse the example files

I probably haven't set it up right and I would like a nice step-by-step tutorial (i.e. NOT THIS ONE) to check where I've gone wrong and hopefully get it parsing something

But I can't find anything via google - can anyone suggest any good tutorials or resources for getting started with phpdoc?

Many thanks!


EDIT: Thanks for jumping in, ashnazg! These were the steps I followed:

  1. Pear wasn't working on my Mac so downloaded version 1.4.3 and unzipped it to a directory
  2. Specified the absolute path to sample file 2 on my HD under file tab
  3. Specified an output folder which was world writable
  4. Clicked Create... stuff going on in log, media folder created but no report. Log concludes "ERROR: nothing parsed"

I since got Pear working and installed phpdoc that way; can use it through the command line, but any ideas about what could be up with the web interface to prevent it from parsing the file? Seems to be happy in all other respects.

EDIT 2: Thanks for the link to the Developer.com article, Liz: It's very basic but a useful quickstart.

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Seconded. I have been writing phpDoc friendly code for more than a year but have never got the damn thing running properly. Would also be really grateful for a good step-by-step tutorial. The web interface and documentation leave a LOT to be desired. –  Pekka 웃 Dec 2 '09 at 16:39
ERROR: nothing parsed===> you need to specify the path of the scan -d ./ C:\xampp\htdocs\my_project>phpdoc -o HTML:frames:earthli,PDF:default:default -t ./docs -d ./ –  websky Apr 14 at 8:23

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The documentation doesn't tell you this, but you have to move the sample files into a directory that doesn't have the string "tutorial" anywhere in the path. phpDocumentor treats "tutorial" as a reserved word and refuses to parse any files that have it in the path.

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If you are tracking your code in GitHub, you can use phpDoc from GitHub projects to generate and serve your phpDocs. Also, each time you push code to GitHub, the docs will be automatically updated.

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I'm not aware of any such tutorials regarding using the web interface. I don't actually get that many questions for support using it. If you can highlight how you're using it without success, I might can help.

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Thanks for that - added some explanation to my post above –  Polsonby Dec 3 '09 at 14:31
"ERROR: nothing parsed" indicates that phpDocumentor doesn't think you've given it any PHP files to process. Take a closer look at the runtime output, and see if you spot where it tries to use the absolute path you gave it. My first hunch might be it contains a folder with a space in its name... that might be causing an issue. –  ashnazg Dec 7 '09 at 22:30

Personally, I use JavaDoc standard tags and a small Python program to convert my PHP into Java files (with empty method bodies). Then I run JavaDoc -- I like the features and looks of it much better than anything else I've seen. Well, I did start with java before PHP.

This little python program is part of my PHP stuff and can be found on


(for what it's worth.)

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Very interesting Don, JavaDoc has always been my favorite. Not that it would be a huge task, but would you mind sharing your Python program to convert the PHP into a Java skeleton? –  defines Jan 12 '10 at 18:46

How about the docs at it's home on pear: http://pear.php.net/manual/en/package.php.phpdocumentor.intro.php

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Google is your friend :)

here's one: http://manual.phpdoc.org/HTMLSmartyConverter/HandS/phpDocumentor/tutorial%5FphpDocumentor.howto.pkg.html

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That's really extraordinarily unhelpful - if you read the question I asked, that's the same one I linked to. The point is that the instructions there don't work for me and I asked for OTHER tutorials. –  Polsonby Dec 3 '09 at 8:28
You're correct, I gave you the wrong answer. Does this help? developer.com/lang/php/article.php/10941_3440261_2/… –  Liz Albin Dec 3 '09 at 14:02
Thanks for that; yes I found that using Google too :) But it is quite a good one. –  Polsonby Dec 3 '09 at 14:30

You can visit the following Links to find out the Best PHP Documentor Tutorials I hope this will help you.

Tutorial Package

Quick Start Guide

An in-depth look at using phpDocumentor to document PHP Source Code, and phpDocumentor internals

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he specifically asked for NOT that one. –  Cory Collier Apr 26 '12 at 15:26

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