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Please see below my map

var romanNumeralDict map[int]string = map[int]string{
  1000: "M",
  900 : "CM",
  500 : "D",
  400 : "CD",
  100 : "C",
  90  : "XC",
  50  : "L",
  40  : "XL",
  10  : "X",
  9   : "IX",
  5   : "V",
  4   : "IV",
  1   : "I",

I am looking to loop through this map in the order of the size of the key

  for k, v := range romanNumeralDict {
    fmt.Println("k:", k, "v:", v)

However, this prints out

k: 1000 v: M
k: 40 v: XL
k: 5 v: V
k: 4 v: IV
k: 900 v: CM
k: 500 v: D
k: 400 v: CD
k: 100 v: C
k: 90 v: XC
k: 50 v: L
k: 10 v: X
k: 9 v: IX
k: 1 v: I

Is there a way that I can print them out in the order of the size of the key so, I would like to loop through this map like this



Thank you very much for your help!

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You'll need to loop through, add the pairs to a slice, and sort the slice. – Crisfole Aug 20 '13 at 18:49
See stackoverflow.com/questions/12108215/… – Ray Toal Aug 20 '13 at 18:53
According to the spec, "The iteration order over maps is not specified and is not guaranteed to be the same from one iteration to the next." The Go authors did even intentionally randomize the iteration sequence (i.e. they use a random number generator so that each range statement yields a distinct ordr) so nobody incorrectly depends on any interation order. (What happens if you depend on the order being different each time? hm...) – FUZxxl Aug 20 '13 at 19:51
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Yes: collect all keys, sort them and iterate your map by key. Pseudocode:

keys := []int{}
for k, _ := range romanNumeralDict { keys = append(keys,k) }
for _, k := range keys { println(k, romanNumeralDict[k]) }
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