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In iTunes Connect, I want to setup an Auto-Renewable Subscription (with paid In-App Purchases) and also I want to setup separate In-App Purchases apart from the previous subscription so we want to publish "special" issues that are not included within the subscription the user bought and he needs to pay for it.. Is it possible to achieve?

Greetings, Leo

I need to confirm this point

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yes, you just need to set up a different in-app purchase in your app (whatever you want - another subscription, consumable or non-consumable product).

you can find all required information in this document - "iTunes Connect Developer Guide"

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Technically - of course, yes, why not? It's your business to decide, what does the subscription give to the user.

But you should guarantee, that, anyway, subscription reamins useful for user. I mean, you must guarantee, for example, that "usual" issues should be published regularly, and if user subscribes to your app - he can be sure, that he will receive issues he paid for. Because, on the other hand, it will be unfair from your side, if you'll do something like "Oh, sorry, but there is no usual issue this week. Of course, you paid usual price for this month. You were just unlucky. We suggest you to buy our special issue."

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Thanks Alexandr but can you implement this on iTunes Connect? –  Leo Aug 20 '13 at 20:58
You will need to create those special issues as non-consumable products. I don't know, how do you implement the mechanism with subscription and usual issues at the moment, but I know exactly: when you publish special issue, you need to ignore the list of your current subscribes users, so all users will just see it as 'not purchased'. –  Alexandr Paliy Aug 20 '13 at 21:02

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