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I try to use Breeze together with: TypeScript, AMD modules, requirejs, knockout.

Looking at the Breeze code, I can see that it requires knockout via the name "ko". However, there are other components which require knockout via the name "knockout".

So, if I create a configuration for requirejs with the path "knockout", the loader will complain that "ko" has not been loaded yet. If I manually change the Breeze code, replacing "ko" with "knockout" anything works fine.

What can be done, so changing the Breeze code is not necessary?

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You can use the map config to remap any request that breeze makes for 'ko' to 'knockout'. Something like this:

    // your other config (e.g. paths)

    // remap requests for 'ko'
    map: {
        'breeze': {
            'ko': 'knockout'

Or if you want to map those requests for 'ko' from all modules, you can use * wildcard:

map: {
    '*': {
        'ko': 'knockout'
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Thanks a lot. The map config was a good hint. I had to modify the code just a little bit: using "breeze" as the ID did not work, but "*" did. –  mgs Aug 21 '13 at 7:28
@mgs thanks, added that to the answer to make it easier for others who may see it. –  explunit Aug 21 '13 at 12:27

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