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I have created a voting application in Borlands Delphi 7 that registers votes and updates an access table My access table consists of two columns, column 1 is the candidate's name, and column 2 is the number of votes he/she has obtained

What would the SQL statement be if I wanted to obtain the candidate(s) with the most votes?

I have tried

SELECT Max(Candidate.[Candidate Name]) AS [MaxOfCandidate Name], Max(Candidate.[Number of  Votes]) AS [MaxOfNumber of  Votes]
FROM Candidate


But this one returns one value and therefore if there are 2 or more candidates with the same amount of votes only the first name will be displayed.

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You can use a Dmax expression to determine the highest vote count. And use that value to retrieve rows matching that count.

SELECT [Candidate Name], [Number of  Votes]
FROM Candidate
WHERE [Number of  Votes] = DMax("[Number of  Votes]", "Candidate");

However DMax is Access-specific. Since you're using Delphi, perhaps you would prefer a more portable query. If so, you can use a subquery in the WHERE clause to get the maximum vote count.

SELECT [Candidate Name], [Number of  Votes]
FROM Candidate
    [Number of  Votes] = 
            SELECT Max([Number of  Votes])
            FROM Candidate
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Thank you so much HansUp. Really helped, i never knew you could have something like a sub query –  Keaton Pennells Aug 21 '13 at 20:15

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