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I have a dinamycally linked library which is used by a Visual Basic program to calculate the CRC of an array of data bytes. The declaration of the function from the DLL which does this calculation is:

CalculateCRC16(ByRef BytesArr() As Byte, ByVal Length As UInteger, ByVal StartValue As UInteger)

The first parameter is the start address of the byte array. The CRC function gets the data byte from that memory location and then increases the address to obtain the next data byte and so on.

I have to implement this program in JAVA but the DLL has to stay the same. I am using JNA to call the DLL function but an error appears when doing this: ...Invalid memory access

In JAVA I used a Vector of bytes and ByteByReference for the first element passed to the CRC function. I think the error appears because in VB the addresses for the byte elements are consecutive while in JAVA they are not.

Does anyone know of ways for solving this issue?

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Ensure your JNA library extends StdCallLibrary, and your signature should look like this: int CalculateCRC16(byte[] buf, int length, int start). –  technomage Aug 20 '13 at 21:09
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