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In VS-2010, for a Datagrid whose columns employ ValidationRules, is there any way to give a ValidationRule a reference to the row's binded viewmodel? In certain situations, the validation logic will depend upon the current state of the viewmodel.

I have read about adding paramaters to ValidationRules using DependencyObjects. But the examples only show binding the validation parameters to StaticResources (such as max & min values). Since the ValidationRule is not part of the logical tree, I cannot figure how to create a parameter for the validation rule to reference the binded viewmodel of whichever DataGridRow is being edited.

The one workaround I know of is when ValidationStep is set to UpdatedValue - then the Value parameter of the Validate method becomes the BindingExpression, from which the viewmodel can be extracted. But I need to validate before updating the viewmodel, so this doesn't help me.

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Well I managed a workaround but it is far from elegant. I did end up adding a DependencyProperty to the ValidationRule - but ValidationRule does not inherit from DependencyObject so you have to dump the parameters in a separate class that is a DependencyObject, then add an instance of that class to the ValidationRule.

In this case the "parameter" I'm creating for the ValidationRule is the DataGrid itself. I had to use a binding proxy in the window resources just to accomplish this, since ValidationRule is not part of the logical tree.

When the ValidationRule actually runs Validate, I use the DataGrid instance to find the editing row, get the binded viewmodel of that row, and now I can inspect the viewmodel to determine if the proposed value is acceptable.

I could probably add some code but in all honesty there has to be a better way than this. Already I can think of some possible bugs. Below is the example I found the most helpful.

Attached or dependecy Property for ValidationRule WPF

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