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I just used Zero Assumption Recovery to recover my hg repositories of my crashed development box. My .hg directories seem to (not surprisingly) be messed up. I get errors on hg status like:

  • Unknown format
  • Everything is listed as an unknown file. The repo itself is empty.
  • No repository found

I have less recent copies of all these repos on my server anyways... is there a way to use mercurial to track down the differences between the most recent commit on the server and the recovered files so I can rebuild as much as possible?

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Turns out its remarkably simple, as I thought it would be.

I copied the .hg directory from my most recent commit on the server into the recovered instance from the crashed HD.

Now when I run hg status, it shows me the differences between the server version and the recovered version. Once I've cleaned it all up, I'll push it back to the server and I'll have a recovered repo (at least as much as I'm going to get).

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